​Do I have to make an appointment?


An appointment is not necessary.  You can visit our offices and get the same services that all of our customers receive.  Usually an appointment puts you first in line especially if you are short on time or on a lunch break and need immediate service.  An appointment also allows our specialists and accredited brokers to streamline your specific needs before you come to our showroom.  


What if I already have an appraisal and just want to sell my jewelry?


We will consider all information from previous appraisals when we evaluate your jewelry.  Certain appraisals are out of date or do not provide enough information for our specialists.  We will recommend the necessary steps that will help you achieve exactly what you are trying to accomplish with or without any documentation you already have.   


​Do I have to pay taxes on my purchases or when I sell you an item?


The only taxes Jewelry Liquidation LLC will charge you in accordance with the State of Oklahoma is sales tax on items that the state requires us to charge you for.  If you are selling an item to Jewelry Liquidation LLC, or having service done on an existing piece of jewelry, then you will not be required to pay us sales tax.  

What if I just want to know the value on my jewelry without purchasing an appraisal?


Our specialists will not turn down any opportunity to help our clients.  We well be happy to give you a free consultation and let you decide what steps you would like to take after the initial evaluation.  The Gold and Diamond market changes by the minute.  Understanding the value on your jewelry in the current market will help you make the right decision to fit your needs.  

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