1.  Whether you are trying to sell, insure, or just evaluate the jewelry

       that you own, our Graduates at Jewelry Appraisers, Brokers, 

       and Buyers will provide the most accurate information to get you 

       the most money.

2.  All of our rooms are private and secure to give you the privacy and 

       comfort in one location.  All information and conversations are kept


3.   Jewelry Liquidation LLC provides all jewelry services including:  

          - Professional Jewelry Appraisals with the most updated technology.

          - Jewelry Appraisals while you wait in most cases. 

          - Certified Jewelry Repair services with excellent quality control.

          - Access to Thousands of Diamonds and Jewelry across the world.

          - Unbiased Evaluations of recent or past jewelry purchases.

          - Private Diamond consultations and evaluations.  

          - Same Day to Two day services on most Jewelry Services.

          - Free Estimates on Custom Jewelry Repairs.  

          - No obligation offers if you are selling your jewelry.

          - Up to date gold and diamond prices 

          - Convenient location with experienced buyers and appraisers. 

          - Established relationships to insurance agents across the state and nation.


4.   Our convenient location offers anyone from Tulsa, commuting to Tulsa, or 

           traveling to Tulsa to get any service they need for all of their jewelry 

           items.  Located conveniently at 61st and Sheridan between Promenade 

           Mall and Woodland Hills mall.   See our map by clicking the contact tab

           at the top of the page.