An experience you have with a company will leave a long lasting impression with a person.  Here at Jewelry Liquidation, LLC, we want to offer a warm comfortable environment  where our customers can make an educated, pleasant decision for their precious jewelry.  Whether you are buying, selling, or repairing your gold jewelry, this is the place to visit.


-   Paul D. Williams, President and CEO


With over 40 years of combined experience and accreditation from GIA laboratories, our experts evaluate your jewelry needs and eliminate the difficult and sometimes confusing process of understanding the Diamond Jewelry market.  

We are proud to offer the latest trends and services available to the Jewelry industry.  Jewelry Appraisers, Brokers, and Buyers offer a wide variety of up to date jewelry appraisals.  We have access to thousands of dealers across the country at our disposal to direct you in the path of a good jewelry decision.  Our knowledge and eduction is up to date and we are ready to buy or trade any piece of old jewelry that you may currently own. 

Whether you are selling, buying, repairing, customizing, identifying, or trading, Jewelry Liquidation LLC, Appraisers, Brokers and Buyers will provided the highest standards of services to help you accomplish what you are trying to do.  We treat our clients with respect and and confident that you will be completely satisfied with your visit to our offices.  If you are tired of being looked down upon when visiting a retail jewelry store, come by and see what you are missing out on.  


Feel comfortable and secure as you go through the experience you deserve.  Whatever reason you are appraising, selling, or buying your jewelry, you can walk through our door knowing that you will be treated with the upmost respect.  We value the information you provide to us and will keep it totally confidential.  We provide state licensed armed security from the instant you walk into our facility until the time that you leave.  

   "It is never fun to sell jewelry. The markup is horrendous, and is rather veiled by all jewelry stores. These people are very open, explain the process, and show you just what your item is truly worth. After some take it or leave it offers at other places, with absolutely no explanation, this business was a joy to deal with. I highly recommend them."  ---Curt Nichols  Google Review

   "I had some service there and was impressed by the level of expertise and professionalism. I didn't even know that this was a new business and location until they told me. It seems like they have been in Tulsa for years. I would recommend Jewelry Liquidation to whomever I come in contact with for anything that has to do with jewelry repairs or appraisals. By far the best in Tulsa!"  ---Mark Seizmore  Google Review

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